Friday, September 22, 2017

Friendly Fill-Ins - September 22nd

This meme is hosted by Ann at McGuffy's Reader and Ellen at 15andmeowing. Each week they will post four fill-in statements.

Here are my answers to this weeks statements...

Week 72: September 22, 2017

1. I would never be friends with someone who was always negative. People who can never ever find anything positive to say just tend to bring everyone down. You can't be positive all the time, but too much negativity is no good either.

2. I will never refuse free time. However, nobody is offering me any. LOL

3. I have never been to Hawaii, but I'd love to go someday.

4. When it comes to my cats, I have a hard time saying no to them.  I spend alot of money on treats :)                           .


  1. I agree with you about negativity. I try not to ever be negative, and don't like people who always are. I think it would be a horrible way to live.

    I can't say no to my cats and dog either :)

  2. Great answers, I could have had all the same except for Hawaii. I hope you get to go there in the near future though. Have a nice weekend! XO

  3. Life does require balance. Negative is no good. There are people out there who like to talk about being positive when they talk about your situation. When their situation is discussed, it is all negative. That isn't good either. Have a great week.

  4. Oh, yes, to #1! Positive energy is important. I try very hard to keep it positive. Negative energy brings others down and deepens it in oneself. I hope you find that free time...maybe in Hawaii! Hugs.


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