Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Weekend Review - June 1st - June 3rd

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Happy Weekend!

I really can't believe it's June already.  It's almost summer.  At least the rain has finally stopped and we are having beautiful weather, although they are talking about scattered showers tomorrow night.  I'll take whatever nice weather we can get for now.

I have many book spotlights scheduled for next week.  June seems to be a busy month for them.  I'm going to try and cut back a little during the rest of the summer.

I'm all caught up on my TV viewing so I'm turning to Netflix for the summer.  I started the series Dead to Me with Christina Applegate.  The first two episodes were good.  I also watched a movie on Amazon that I've been wanting to see for a long time, Book Club with Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, Jane Fonda and Mary Steenburgen.  I really enjoyed it.

I'm starting to fall behind on my reading again, but I have no doubt that will start to pick up.  Or at least I'm hoping it will :)

What have you all been up to this week?  Watch anything good?  Read anything good?  I hope you all have a great week!


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Wednesday:  Spotlight:  Seeing Red by Dana Dratch (Blog Tour/Tour-Wide Giveaway)

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Monday:  Spotlight:  Death in Kew Gardens by Jennifer Ashley

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Here are this week's Kindle freebie haul. They were freebies when I got them, I don't know if they still are. Always make sure to check they are still free before buying. The prices change quickly.  Not too many this week.

These books are coming up for reviews and/or blog tours in the next couple of months:


  1. The Perfect Son and One More Lie look great! I need to watch Dead to Me. Everyone is raving about it. Have a lovely week!
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

  2. I am glad the weather has cleared up for you a bit, we had a few nice days but this week it's chances of rain and storms all week. :( You have some good looking books coming up!

    Have a great week and happy reading!
    Week in Review

  3. I LOVE the cover of Montauk!! Looks like you're reading/planning on reading some good books. Have a great week!

  4. I'm curious about Montauk... love the cover!

  5. Montauk looks like it is going to be a good read. That cover hints at so much.

    I talked my husband into seeing Book Club at the movie theater when it first came out. We watched it again a few weeks ago on Netflix. I liked it better the second time.

    This year feels like it is zipping past. It's June, and that's crazy.

    Have a great week!

  6. It’s the official start of Winter here, and it’s getting cold.
    I’ve had Lorna Barrett’s series on my TBR list forever, but never seem to find the time to read it.

    Have a great reading week

  7. I need to watch Dead with Me sometime! Have a great week!

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  8. Put in the curious about Montauk group. Sometimes Netflix is a bigger draw than my books; just depends on my mood.

  9. I'm working on July review books. I seem to have chosen a number of cozies that aren't first in their series. I hope I won't feel lost. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  10. I want to watch that Book Club movie sometime and I like Diane Keaton in any movie. This time of the year is a busy time with so many books publishing, a spotlight though is not too hard but still time consuming.

  11. I'm glad your weather is improving. Ours hasn't too bad but it seems to be crazy elsewhere. I've been catching up after our trip this week.

    It's easy to catch up on your reading if you don't watch tv. lol. I hope you find some books you love.

    Anne - Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   


  12. My wife tells me I need to watch Dead to Me...but I'm not feeling it right yet. We are watching the second season of Cobra Kai on YouTube Premium and enjoying it together, though.


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