Thursday, October 6, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins - October 6th

This meme is hosted by Ann at McGuffy's Reader and Ellen at 15andmeowing. Each week they will post four fill-in statements.

Here are my answers to this weeks statements...

Week 22: October 7, 2016

1. My favorite store is Bath & Body Works. I love that store.

2. An unanswered prayer I am thankful for is something I absolutely cannot think of.  I'm sorry but I don't have an answer for this one.

3. At Halloween, I hide and hope no one notices me.

4. I find the supernatural interesting, because we really don't know what's real or not.


  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I like Bath and Body works too, so many great scents. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Bath and Body Works is a wonderful store, unfortunately I am allergic to almost all scents. :'-(

    Sometimes we want something to happen so badly, our heart's longing is a prayer. But then it doesn't happen and later we see that it turned out better that way.

    Why do you want to hide on Halloween? That made me smile! Are you scary? LOL

    I agree that we don't know all there is to know about the supernatural, and we probably won't know in this lifetime. There has to be some mysteries for our minds to ponder!

  3. Like Josie, many smells cause me problems, too. I don't generally go into "fragrant" stores. From what I've seen from the outside, they have pretty things in there.

    I hide and hope no one notices me most times of the year. Its just easier to be invisible. :)

    I hope that you have a great weekend.

  4. We just sit in our house and let Halloween pass us by. There is too much foolishness on Halloween.

  5. Ooh...good answers! I need to check out B & BW.
    Hugs. Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~


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