Saturday, May 31, 2008

Deep Dish by Mary Kay Andrews

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Gina Foxton is having a very bad day. First, her cooking TV show is canceled. Then, she learns the reason behind the cancellation was that her boyfriend producer was having an affair with the wife of her show’s biggest sponsor. She feels like she’s given a second chance when The Cooking Channel offers her the opportunity of having her own network TV show. The only hitch is that she must compete with the handsome star of Vittles, a very successful cooking show, Tate Moody.

Tate and Gina are forced to compete in a reality cooking show. The winner will be awarded their own show, but is that all they will win? No matter how hard they try, Tate and Gina can’t help but discover a major attraction for each other. Can they put it aside for the sake of their careers?

I never read anything by this author before and this book convinced me to add her to my “auto-buy” list of authors. This story was a joy to read. It was fast-paced and I found the characters quite loveable. I really felt for each of them and I rooted for them until the last page was turned.

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