Saturday, May 31, 2008

Squeeze Play by Kate Angell

Genre: Romance - Comedy

I’ve been so lucky lately as I’ve been reading some great books and Squeeze Play is one of them. I love baseball, so this book was off to a great start for me.

After winning the World Series for his team, pro baseball player Risk Kincaid, takes a well-deserved vacation in his hometown of Frostproof, Florida. Jacy Grayson is thrilled that her childhood friend is coming home. Every time one of Jacy’s relationships go bad, Risk is there to pick up the pieces. She needs her friend’s magic touch once again. Risk has no intentions of letting her down.

Stevie Cole is a genius when it comes to baseball trivia. She can compete with the best male baseball fans around. The one thing she can’t compete with is the beautiful fiancĂ© of pitcher Aaron Grayson. Everyone in Frostproof knows she loves the popular baseball pitcher, everyone except Grayson himself. She’s publicly humiliated by his engagement announcement, until she meets Risk’s teammate Zen Driscoll. Aaron quickly becomes a distant memory.

I was surprised there were two romances going on in this book and the secondary romance seemed to get more time than the main story, but I didn’t mind. I loved both couples and enjoyed watching their antics. Kate Angell is excellent at romantic comedy. This was a fun story that is perfect to read during baseball season.

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