Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Reading Extravaganza Day 5: Oh the Places You'll Go! With a Book!

Our final topic is books that transport you. It’s hard to take a trip with rising gas prices so thank God we can travel through reading! What are some of your favorite books that transport you to a new place?

Mmmmmmmmmmmm....I don't have one favorite book that transports me, it's more like I have a genre that transports. I love western historicals and I love to be transported back to the old west. Through my books it feels like such an adventurous time. Some of my favorite westerns...

The Midwife's Secret by Kate Bridges

The Doctor's Wife by Cheryl St. John

The other setting I love is any small town that is featured in my cozy mysteries. Probably because I'm from New York, I just love to be transported to a small town where everybody knows your name :)

Some of my favorite series:

Murder is Binding by Lorna Barrett - A great town with a whole street dedicated to different types of bookstores! What could be better?

The Scumble Rivery Mystery series by Denise Swanson - Always a favorite of mine and I always enjoy re-visiting this small town with their crazy cast of characters.


  1. Those look like interesting reads. I will have add them to my library list.

  2. those do look like good reads. I enjoy historical romances. I jsut read 'Beneath a Marble Sky' and really liked it, it was set in India.

  3. I'm not big on mysteries, but Murder is Binding sounds interesting. I might have to check it out. :)

  4. Thank you for mentioning Murder Is Binding among your favorites! You made my day!

  5. I hadn't heard of these. Thanks for the suggestions:)

  6. Murder of a Pink Elephant looks fun!

  7. Kimberly Kaye - The mysteries I mentioned are some of my favorites, probably because it's my favorite genre at the moment.

    Nadia - Historicals aren't usually my choice of reading, but western romances are a big favorite of mine.

    Jessi - The setting of Murder is Binding is what drew me into this book and then the characters kept me riveted.

    Lorna - How lovely to see the author here! I'm honored! The characters were so much fun in your book. I did a review of it back in May. I hope we get to see more of Tricia's sister in your next book. I loved them working together to solve the mystery.

    Tracy - You're welcome :)

    Nise - The Scumble River mysteries are one of my favorite cozy series and Murder of a Pink Elephant was really good.

  8. Oh my goodness, my google alerts just pointed me here! What a treasure to find The Doctor's Wife in your favorite book and favorite time period blog! I'm honored and tickled pink.

    Did you know that there are two other stories that follow up that setting and re-visit Ellie and Caleb? Almost a Bride novella in the Wed Under Western Skies anthology and The Preacher's Daughter (Benjamin's story.)

    Thanks so much. SMOOCHES!
    Cher :-)

  9. I have never heard of any of these books, but I will definitely look for them. :)

  10. Cheryl - I have all your books in my TBR. You're on my "auto-buy" list, although I haven't read everything yet.

    Amy - I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

  11. I am so ashamed to say that I completely dropped the ball on this one. I blanked out when W, T, & F rolled!

  12. I'm thrilled to be on your auto-buy list, Yvonne!


  13. J Kaye - Don't feel bad, I missed a couple of days too.

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