Monday, May 18, 2009

Musing Mondays - Early Reading

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about early reading…

Do you remember how you developed a love for reading? Was it from a particular person, or person(s)? Do you remember any books that you read, or were read to you, as a young child? (question courtesy of Diane)

My answer...

Mmmm...I only have a couple of memories of reading when I was younger. One was reading a fictional book about a witch. My mom got it for me from the library because I was home sick and she wanted to give me something to do. I remember loving the book and when I got better I asked the librarian if I could buy it, but she said no. Even back then I had to own all my books. LOL

The only other memory I have is reading Harlequins when I was a teenager. That, of course, carried over to adulthood.

No one in my family was as much of a reader as I was. I think I just enjoy the escapism of reading...getting away from real life for a few hours and burying myself in a fictional world. I think I just found my love of reading on my own.

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  1. It was the same for me :)
    And I never stopped

  2. I was kind of surprised by your comment, "...reading Harlequins when I was a teenager," but then I remembered that I went on a V.C. Andrews kick which is essentially equivalent, right?

  3. And I used to read Mills And Boons like crazy! My school friends remember me thus!

    Here is my post

  4. That asthma had confined me indoor helped cultivate my passion for reading.

    I learned to read in nursing school, sent home with these pictorial books with easy characters, both in English and Chinese. My family does a decent amount of reading, but nothing like the kind of back-to-back reading that I do! :)

  5. I don't really have too many specific memories of my early reading years either. In my case though, both of my parents were avid readers and so it seemed natural that I would end up a reader too.

  6. Did the librarian tell you how you could own the book? Maybe its really all her fault! LOL


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