Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek 2009

I rarely go to the movies anymore for one reason or another, but I was really excited to see a new Star Trek movie. I've missed not having a Star Trek movie or TV show for the past few years. This movie was a wonderful treat.

Chris Pine was so good as a young Kirk. I can easily see him as a young Shatner. Zachary Quinto is perfect as a young Spock. He looks like he could be related to Leonard Nimoy. Both Pine and Quinto had all the mannerisms down perfect.

This movie had it all - action, adventure and a storyline that kept my interest throughout the entire movie. It was the fastest two hours I ever had. Nobody wanted to leave the theater when it was over. I think I smell a sequel or two on the horizon.

Sure, it was different than the original Star Trek and I know the diehards might have a problem with it, but for me it was great entertainment. It made me happy for a couple of hours and that's what is important. I'll definitely be there for a sequel and when the DVD is released. It might be one of the few times I'll re-watch a movie.


  1. I really enjoyed this one too, Yvonne. I hope to post my little review of it on Tuesday since I've got something else planned for tomorrow.


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