Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Night at the Movies or TV Screen

This week I'm going to discuss a show that's not new and I've watched since the first episode, "Brothers & Sisters" starring Sally Field, Calista Flockhart and Rachel Griffiths. What a great cast this show has!

My favorite is probably Sally Field as Nora Walker. I don't think I've ever seen Sally Field in anything where she wasn't brilliant. She's so deserving of all the awards she's received over the years.

One thing I really love about this show - they seem like a real family. It's not all "goody goody", they have real emotions. We know they all love each other, but they don't always like or agree with each other. Their family dinners are some of the funniest and realistic scenes I've seen in a family TV show.

Last week's episode was pretty disappointing to me when Kitty cheats on her husband, Robert. While Robert hasn't totally confided in her about his career or his feelings after suffering from a heart attack, he hasn't cheated on her and truly loves her. I guess I just feel she should leave him if she feels her marriage is a mistake before hooking up with any other guy.

Then there's the latest "love child" of the Walker's deceased father who has showed up to play havoc on all their lives. At first he comes off as an innocent kid, but we're slowly finding out he's not such an angel.

There are only two more episodes this season and it should be good. Does anyone else watch this show?


  1. I think I would like it just cos of Getty ;)

  2. I like soaps on siblings!

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  3. I just love this show too. I have most of series three waiting to be watched on Sky+ to be watched. I hope to watch them all in one go.

  4. Oh I love this show too. I've watched it since it first came out. I too was annoyed with last week's episode. I kind of want to slap Kitty and tell her to get it together. Especially after Robert is being supportive of having a baby when he didn't really want one.


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