Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sea Changes by Gail Graham

Publisher: Jade Phoenix Publishing
Release date: May 2009-05-20

Genre: Fiction

Two years ago Sarah Andrews’ world fell apart. Her beloved husband passed away leaving her feeling abandoned. Now her daughter, Felicity, is pushing her mother to get back into the swing of things and meet new men – even to the point of signing Sarah up for a dating service. Sarah’s psychologist doesn’t offer much help, so Sarah comes up with s solution of her own. She’s ready to end her life by drowning herself.

However, when Sarah goes into the sea, she discovers another world waiting for her. This world is much more pleasant with people who don’t continually want something from her or expect her to “get over” her grief. One young woman, Bantryd, particularly touches Sarah’s heart.

Suddenly, Sarah finds herself back home on the beach. She wonders if the underwater life really exists or was she dreaming. Worse yet, was she losing her mind? When Sarah pays another visit to the sea, she is followed by Bantryd, who is searching for her parents who left the sea years ago. Sarah realizes this is no dream. She really did discover an alternate universe.

She tries to help Bantryd, but Bantryd becomes sick, unable to stay away from her undersea life. Also, Bantryd has an uncanny resemblance to Jennyfer Blanchard, an heiress who recently disappeared. This resemblance leads the police to Sarah’s doorstep as she risks her own life to protect her friend.

Sarah desperately tries to get Bantryd back home to the sea, but doesn’t realize they are being taped. Everyone, including the police, jump to the conclusion that Sarah drowned Jennyfer. As much as Sarah pleads her case, her words fall on deaf ears and she becomes a much sought after criminal.

This book takes place in Australia and I found it interesting that there were so many differences in the law between Australia and the United States. The major difference being that not everyone was entitled to legal defense.

Written beautifully, this is a story of one woman’s struggle in dealing with grief and a world that feels she should move on with her life. Can anyone really decide when the time is right for someone else to stop grieving? My heart broke for Sarah and all she was dealing with, as well as the lack of support from her family. I truly enjoyed this story and hope we meet up with Sarah again.


  1. It does sound heartbreaking, a story that should be read too.
    Wonderful review

  2. Sounds like a really unusual story. I shall definitely add it to my list.

  3. It's an excellent book! If you get the chance, check it out. I just did an interview with the author and posted it - she gives a very interesting take on the story behind her book. Very interesting lady!


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