Monday, June 21, 2010

Musing Mondays - Favorite Genres

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This week's question...

Name your top 2-3 favorite genres (the ones you read most from)

My answer...

My favorites are cozy mysteries, romantic suspense and thrillers/suspense. I love any type of book that makes me try to figure out puzzles and mysteries. These are by far my favorite genres and my reading of choice.

There have been times I read from other genres such as historical romance (with westerns being my favorite), paranormal and sometimes science fiction. However, those are few and far between. Usually because a review request sounds interesting or I read a recommendation from one of those genres.

Whenever I head to the bookstore, I go directly to the mystery sections.

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  1. I really like cozy mysteries too. Do you have a favorite series?

    Thanks for visiting me!

  2. I have yet to get into the cozy mysteries, but you always make them sound so tempting.

  3. I like the cozy mysteries also. Not to much thriller, I have trouble sleeping if it gets to intense, LOL... but, fun to read, nevertheless. I once watched a thriller movie, very good movie, but, I kept my bedroom door locked for a month after I had watched the movie. My husband got a good laugh from that, he said, "I'm here with you, why are you afraid?" I told him that movie did it to me! LOL...

  4. This is a great question.

    Here's my answer.

  5. I like cozy mysteries too!

  6. In mine, I mentioned mysteries, but now that I think about it, "cozy mysteries" are the best.

    Here's mine:

    Love your new blog header.

  7. You always make those cozy mysteries sound very tempting!
    Great new blog look :)

  8. I just read a good YA cozy mystery by YS Lee.

    Here's our answer:

  9. I love mysteries too, but at the other cozies, no romance.
    it is a BIG genre..

  10. Ladytink - I have many favorite cozy series, but one of my all time favorites is Denise Swanson's Scumble River Mysteries.

    Vivienne - I love them. They are quick reads.

    Ann - I love to scare myself! LOL

    Caite - Very true...mysteries are a huge genre! I like everything!


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