Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Salon - Summer Madness!

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Summer is here and I want nothing more than to just read. Of course "real" life tends to get in the way and we can't always do what we want, but that's my plan :) I've pretty much abandoned my reading challenges...well, not completely but I've been reading either review books or books I got from the library for my Nook. Next year, I'm definitely not signing up for challenges. Okay, that's what I'm saying now and I always reserve the right to change my mind. LOL

Anyway, this week, I finished...

All good books. I've decided to not necessarily review every book I read. Obviously I'll review all books I've accepted for reviews. As for other books, I'm just going to write reviews when I want to say something about the book :) Mainly it's because of time and there are some books I just don't have anything to say about :)

Now that summer is here,what books do you enjoy reading in the summer? I like books by Elin Hildebrand and anything that features a beach or water on the cover or in the title. Chick lit is also a summery type of book.

Hope everyone is enjoying summer!


  1. I love the cat photo! Brilliant :)

    I don't necessarily pick up "summer" books, just whatever takes my fancy at that time.

  2. Love the beach cat photo :)

    I like to read at least one book like those by Elin Hilderbrand - and she has a new one next month! This summer I'll be reading review books and then clearing a few off my shelves.

    Have a great week.

  3. i really like to read books about summer vacation. i like teen summer books especially b/c the best summers i've had were when i was that age :)

  4. you crack me up with your awesome cat photos; have a great week.

  5. I love to read in the summer. With the longer days I love to just sit in my beach chair with a good book.

  6. I read "SAVING MAX" this story completely caught me by surprise. I was expecting something completely different. The character build up is fantastic. I was never sure if Max was really crazy and commented the crime he was accused of. And Danielle was a wonderful example of the length a women would go to to protect her child. It was hard to accept her version of things. There were times I felt like yelling at her. I just wanted her to look at the facts and admit that it was possible that she was wrong. I think since she's always had such a hands on approach to her son and his well being, she refused to acknowledge that there was any possibility. There were a lot legal things that I'm not sure I agreed with. And, I thought it the end there still should have been some ramifications for Danielle's actions. But, the truth was shocking. The story was intense once the ball got rolling and didn't stop until the end.


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