Monday, June 28, 2010

Musing Mondays - Hyped Books

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This week’s musing asks…

What do you think of books that receive a lot of hype? (think of the “Twilight” saga, or “Harry Potter”, or “The Da Vinci Code”). Do you read them? Why, or why not?

My answer...

I never seem to get caught up in all the hype. I have read Twilight and The Da Vinci Code because I read so many good things about them, but I didn't find either book as good as the reviews I read about them. They were good books, just not books I became obsessed by.

I never had any interest in the Harry Potter books at all. It's not the type of genre I like to read in the first place.

I'd have to say that I don't really get caught up in all the hype. If I read a book that has gotten so much attention, it's usually because I was interested in that genre in the first place.

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  1. I agree..I am not greatly moved by the big hyped books. I would put a lot more weight on the opinion of someone who I know shares my taste in books.

  2. I don't get all excited about the big hyped books, I always find they disappoint me. Like you, there are just some genres I don't read, no matter how hyped up everyone else is about them.

  3. Hype is generated for people who can't think for themselves, and I don't want to fall under their power...because I know what I like! lol

    Here's my musing:

  4. I try not to get caught up in all the hype, but if its an author I love, I tend to read the book.
    Though I did read DaVinci Code and didnt enjoy it.

  5. I have still not read a Dan Brown book ;)

  6. I do not get caught up in the hype and usually avoid it.


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