Saturday, March 5, 2011

Anything Goes on Saturday - Moderate Comments?

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My issue for the week...moderating comments on my blog. We've all had to deal with those annoying spammers. I have tried to avoid having to put my comments on moderation, but I'm starting to think it's necessary. The main problem is that I work all day during the week and wouldn't get to approve them until the evening. Do you think that's a problem? Can I leave all the comments until the evening to moderate? Or should I just leave it as it is and delete spammers when I get home? What do you do?

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  1. Yvonne, I have not had too many problem comments, so I set my blog up to moderate comments on older posts only. I will be interested to read what others think and do regarding comments.

  2. I moderate cos of spammers, those pesky ones always get true somehow. But I also moderate cos I really don't like word verification (I am lazy ;) so I thought perhaps others would like not to go through it.

    But yes sometimes when I hold a contest I do use word ver cos else they will be left unpublished so long

  3. Yvonne, it's your blog - do what you want. I only moderate comments on posts 10 days old. There doesn't seem to be as much problem with spammers now as there was before. I think blogger finally squelched all that Chinese, Japanese symbol stuff. From a commenter's pov, I dislike having to do word verification or have to type my e mail address in every time. There are some blogs I really like but rarely comment as it is such a hassle.

  4. I use word verification and posts then go live.

    Unfortunately I have been getting some spam coming thru and having to delete those spam posts.


  5. I'd rather moderate than delete spams. Could you check comments at lunch perhaps, that is what I try to do?

    BTW...Love the anatomy photo....LOL

  6. I've found that moderating comments works the best for me. As Diane said, I'd rather moderate than delete.

  7. Now that the spam goes into it's own section and not on my blog I don't worry about it. I just delete them all at once. We've been lucky lately that there hasn't been as much spam. I hope it continues.

  8. I moderate comments whenever I login. Obviously I do have quite a lot of spam so I am glad that I am moderating them even though I release some comments later in the day.


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