Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011 E-Book Challenge Wrap Up!

I knew this would be a fun and easy challenge for me to do. Since I got my Nook in March 2010, I'm hooked on ebooks and that seems to be all I read these days. So, this challenge was easy and, if it's held next year, I'll go for the next level. It's hosted by La Coccinelle at The Ladybug Reads.

I'm did the Addicted level - 12 ebooks.

Here's what I read to complete the challenge...

1. Bloated Goat by Manley Peterson Click for review
2. Dewey Nine Lives by Vicki Myron Click for review
3. Soul Sacrifice by Leanore Elliot Click for review
4. The Innocent by Vincent Zandri Click for review
5. Kiss the Girls by James Patterson Click for review
6. The Wishing Hour by Jewel Adams Click for review
7. Stir Until Thoroughly Confused by Heather Wardell Click for review
8. Capable of Murder by Brian Kavanagh Click for review
9. Vestal Virgin by Suzanne TyrpakClick for review
10. Fatal Embrace by Aris Whittier Click for review
11. The Embroidered Corpse by Brian Kavanagh Click for review
12. Anasazi Intrigue by Linda Weaver Clarke Click for review


  1. wow, somebody loves their eReader:) I hope to read at least 20. I am on #5 right now. I love my Kindle.

  2. Congrats on finishing! You're way ahead of me... I'm going for 12 books, too, but I've only read 6 so far.

    Thanks for participating!

  3. Great job! I have a few of those books on my list too! I'm going for 100 ebooks this year, so I have a little ways to go...I'm only on 33.

  4. I probably could join this challenge as well, seeing as I have already read many e-books this year (and it is my first year doing this)

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)


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