Thursday, March 31, 2011

Booking through Thursday - Oddest Reading Material

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This week's question...

If you’re like me, you grew up reading everything under the sun, like the cereal boxes while you ate your breakfast, the newspapers held by strangers on the subway, the tabloid headlines at the grocery store.

What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever read? (You know, something NOT a book, magazine, short story, poem or article.)

My answer...

I actually don't have an answer. I always have a book in my pocketbook to read (or my Nook). I can't really remember reading anything strange out of desperation. There have been times on a plane during takeoff when I can't concentrate on my book so I'll read the airline magazine or safety instructions, but I don't think those are odd things.

What a boring answer I have this week. LOL


  1. Hey at least yours is cool i wrote about period pads haha

  2. Hey come on we all read menus. See it wasn't so difficult. hee hee.

    I did think of something I read as we travel.

  3. Ha! My three year old LOVES the flight instructions! I would never have read them on my own but he can "read" them since they're wordless, picture things. Silly!

  4. I had trouble with this one too. My answer is here:

  5. Yeah, this one was a tough one. But you're very smart to always take a book along to read.

  6. I usually have a book with me too, but answering this question has made me realize I still read all the random stuff around me too.

  7. I actually had to think about this question. Check out my answer for this weeks Booking Through Thursday.

  8. This was a tough question. I had to think about it for a long time.

  9. It's good to have a book around. Stop and see mine and my giveaways.


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