Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Embroidered Corpse by Brian Kavanagh

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Bewrite Books
Release Date: May 2006
Format: Ebook (also available in paperback)

Belinda Lawrence is back and, once again, finds herself involved in a brand new mystery. She is now settled into the house she inherited from her great aunt Jane. The gardens, designed by the famous Capability Brown, are now on display for tourists.

Belinda and her associate Hazel Whitby attend an auction and discover an ancient tapestry which leads them to discover two murders which replicate the death of a medieval king. There is much more involved to this mystery as it takes them straight to a religious cult, buried treasure and a devious plot to murder anyone who gets in the culprits’ way.

Along with her friend Hazel, Belinda gets some added help from her lover Mark Sallingers. The three of them delve into an adventure and take on more than any of them expected.

This is another fast-paced, enjoyable entry into the Belinda Lawrence cozy series. Readers can enjoy learning more about the heroine and seeing her relationships develop more since the first book. His characters are believable and he created villains you can truly despise.

I love the way the author takes the reader right to England and makes you feel as if you are really in a small English village. This book can be read in one sitting. You will not want to put it down.

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  1. I've read this book too, and I agree - my only dissatisfaction is that it was not long enough!! Wanted more.

  2. Oh me too! I'm looking forward to the next two in the series.


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