Friday, August 26, 2011

Dog On It by Spencer Quinn



Release Date:
February 2009

Recorded Books

When Madison, a teenage girl, is reported missing by her divorced mother, Bernie and his trusty sidekick Chet are on the case. Chet is a canine investigator. He’s very smart, a huge help to Bernie and as loyal as they come. Unfortunately, what starts out as a relatively simple case, turns out to be something much more sinister and dangerous. Her mother is sure someone kidnapped her but there's no ransom. Madison's father thinks she just ran away and will return on her own. Bernie and Chet aren't so sure. In fact, they are convinced the father is up to something and it's not a good something.

Bernie and Chet set out to find some answers, but instead find themselves in mortal danger.

This is a cute detective mystery told from the dog’s point of view. Chet doesn’t have super powers or talk to humans, but the reader knows what he’s thinking throughout the entire book. He reacts to things as most dogs would (he loves to eat!).

I listened to the audio version and it was a nice, light book and perfect for my drive to and from work. A couple of times I started to giggle and then looked around to make sure no one from other cars was watching. There were also a couple of times I cringed, afraid for Chet’s life (I can’t read about any type of animal cruelty, but I didn’t need to worry – it was hinted at, but not really part of the book.)

I already took out the next two audio books in the series from the library and I’m looking forward to those as well.

4 kitties for Chet (sorry Chet, but I give out kitties)

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  1. I smiled with this review as soon as I learned the story comes from the dog's POV. Charming! Dog On It goes on my TBH (to be heard) stack. I'm sure all kitties will approve.

  2. A dog's point of view criminal investigation sound a lot of fun:) Great review!

  3. That does sound cute.
    I like that it's told from a dogs point of view.


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