Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sunday Salon - Hurricane is Coming!

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It's a stormy Sunday coming. It's really Saturday night now and I figured I would post it now in case we lose power. The hurricane is pointing right at us but I'm hoping against hope that everything will turn out alright.

I have a fully loaded and charged Nook, so I'm set :) And, if necessary I have a lot of physical books with book lights. All the necessities for a storm (Yes, I have chocolate too!)

Onto the books I finished this week...

Dog On It by Spencer Quinn
The Egyptian by Layton Green

I'm currently reading Mai Tai One On by Jill Marie Landis. It's really a funny cozy. I'm enjoying it. I'll have a review in a few days.

If I'm not around for a few days, it means I lost power.

I do hope all of you that are in the path of Hurricane Irene are safe.

Have a great week!


  1. Yvonne...hope you stay safe - we are nervous too as they are saying a foot or more of rain alone, never mind the surges. Off to charge my Kindle - thanks for reminding me.

  2. I did the same thing on my blog - wrote up Sunday on Saturday. We too are awaiting Irene - sometime mid-morning on Sunday. Wishing you the best!

  3. Be safe adn make sure you have a full charge on that Nook.

  4. Stay safe, Yvonne. Hopefully your area will not get too much rain or wind.

  5. Stay safe. At least you're prepared.

  6. Stay safe and well.

    I see you have supplies - books and choc. Nothing more is needed ;)

    carol x

  7. You have everything you need for a big storm: books and reading light. I've been through many hurricanes here on the Gulf Coast of Texas, so my prayers are with you.

    Here's my Sunday Salon for this week: Friendship Bread---Starter for a Real Book Club in My Town And only three days are left to sign up for the Readerbuzz August Giveaway!

  8. I made it through fine! Thanks everyone! We have alot of fallen leaves and branches, but nothing too terrible.

    Diane and Dolleygurl - I hope you made it through okay too!

  9. Oh, I hope you're staying safe! How great that your Kindle is at the ready.

    Love the cats with the umbrella. Be prepared is their motto!



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