Friday, August 12, 2011

The Midnight Club by James Patterson

Suspense, Thriller


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Edgar-winner Patterson ( The Jericho Commandment )he is also chairman of J. Walter Thompson USA almost captures the slick, conspiracy-theory giddiness of pre- Prizzi Richard Condon. While leading a raid against top drug-dealer Alexandre (``the Grave Dancer'') St.-Germain, New York police Lieutenant John (``Stef'') Stefanovitch is caught in a devastating ambush and crippled. French-born St.-Germain, enforcing and enjoying his harsh, ``street law'' terror, kills Stef's wife. Two years later St.-Germain is gunned down in a posh Manhattan brothel. Hidden videotapes catch St.-Germain asking, ``Is it the Midnight Club?'' Wheelchair-bound Stef, with true-crime bestselling writer Sarah McGinniss, starts to uncover an international crime cartel making billions a year, and a secret NYPD execution squad. Plenty of gore, many plot twists some quite murky and a little sex will keep readers turning pages up to the melodramatic, rather unlikely ending.

My Thoughts...

I listened to the audio version and it was a bit hard to keep track of it. It might have been easier for me if I read this one instead, but I've listened to other Patterson books before and enjoyed them very much. This one was okay, but not a favorite.

This one is an earlier book...I think it was originally written in 1989. I much prefer his later books, but this wasn't exactly horrible either. It did keep my attention and made me wonder what was going to happen next and how this would all end up.

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