Monday, August 22, 2011

Musing Mondays - Characters or Plots?

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This week’s musing asks…

Do you prefer character-driven stories, or plot-driven stories?

My answer...

This is a tough one because I think you need a good mixture of both. If I have to choose, I guess I'd pick character-driven stories. I love getting to know characters. Since I read many series books, I often read and get to know many of the same characters for years. As with most series, not all books in a series are good but I'll still read it to re-visit some of my favorite characters. When you read series, they almost become old friends.

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  1. I say we don't have to choose. I demand them both!! lol

  2. I agree both is essential for a good book!

  3. I think both are important to a story. Check out my full answer for this weeks musing Here.

  4. I agree. No matter how great the character, the plot has to move the story along.

  5. I'm with you, Yvonne. I think that a good combination of both is important. You do make a good point about series books though--series books are my favorites!

  6. Both is perfect but my choice is the plot. I love the thriller/mystery genre so plot is important, if the character(s) are memorable that is a bonus.

  7. Yeah, I think a good book needs both. If I had to choose, though, I'd probably pick characters.

  8. If an author is a great plotter, I'm hooked. Yes, I adore great characters and will stick with a weakly plotted series because of one or two great characters, but ultimately if the plots are cliché or repetitive I lose interest.

    A great plot makes me think and I love the challenge. That's what brings me back.

  9. OKAY, this little guy is making me queasy just watching him...LOL

  10. I like a mixture of both....

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