Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sunday Salon - First Sunday of October

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I was looking forward to the cool fall weather, but it's been hot and muggy in New York. Not quite what I wanted, but everyone has their Halloween decorations up and at least it looks like the fall, even if it doesn't feel like it.

So, what did I do this week? I finished a book, which is always a good thing and what a great book it was. Not one of my usual cozies, but a suspense and thriller. It's Sweat by Mark Gilleo - check out the blog tour I hosted. I have quite a few blog tours scheduled...they are listed on my sidebar. The great thing about these blog tours is that I "discover" authors I never would have known about. Do any of you find that happening too?

There are quite a few great blog tour companies out there. If any of you are interested, Partners in Crime Blog Tours is looking for blog hosts. If you love the suspense and thriller genre, check it out. Here's some info...

1) Must be a fan of the specialty genre (mystery, suspense and crime)
2) Have a minimum of 100 followers
3) New host must complete and participate in 2 or more tours before November 30th.
4) Click this link & Complete the questionnaire ( )

If you do decide to sign up, just tell them I sent you :)

Are any of you enjoying the new TV season? Besides my old favorites like Once Upon A Time, Boardwalk Empire, Revenge, Bones, CSI: NY, Blue Bloods, Person of Interest, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and a million more...I'm enjoying some new shows like 666 Park Avenue, Last Resort, and Revolution. Anyone else watching these? Of course this is cutting into my reading time, too.

Other than that, it's been an ordinary week. The kitty in the graphic below sure looks cozy, doesn't he?

Have a great week everyone!

day sunday image
day sunday graphics


  1. I love finding new authors and book tours are perfect for that. I've been wanting to watch Revolution but keep forgetting.
    There's so many good shows to catch, but not enough time, just like books!
    Enjoy your Sunday, the weathers supposed to be nice and cool today. More like Fall.

  2. It's cold and rainy in St. Louis, and today is baseball day here in Cardinal Nation, so it feels like Fall to us. I'm ambivalent about Revolution; after great anticipation, it doesn't rivet me. Elementary has possibilities. Love finding new authors, any way I can.

  3. I love the fall season, too. Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice are favorites of mine. I had planned to watch 666 Park Avenue, and then forgot to put it in the DVR...I guess there's still time!

    Thanks for visiting my blog...and enjoy your week!

    I'm going to have to check out Sweat.

  4. I like the book tours also for meeting new authors. I have three book tours scheduled for the next few months. I'm not much of a TV viewer, I have a few shows I enjoy, but spend most of my time reading. I hope your Sunday was a nice relaxing day.

  5. We are still having warm weather here, but at least it has cooled off some (no more triple digits, I hope). You are right that book tours help you discover new authors who you enjoy. :)


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