Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Salon - A Storm Is Coming!

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It's been a busy week for me. I had several book giveaways going on, but only finished one book and it was an audio...

Celebration by Fern Michaels

I used to love Fern Michaels' books, but this one wasn't a favorite at all.  Oh well, you can't like everything, can you?  I'd still continue to read her books.

I don't feel too bad not getting anything else read this week.  I had a painful migraine earlier in the week and reading was the last thing I felt like doing.  I'm fine now and I'm going to try and finish the book I'm currently reading, Curveball by Jen Estes.  It's pretty good and set in the baseball world.  I love baseball, so this is a fun mystery for me.

The big news here on the East Coast is Hurricane Sandy is coming.  We are busy securing the house - I've already done the grocery shopping.  We have everything we need.  Hopefully the power doesn't go out, but you never know.  So, if I vanish for a few days, it's due to a power outage.  I'm hoping against hope that this turns out to be a false alarm.  It doesn't sound like it, but it could happen :)  For everyone in the path of the storm, I hope you all stay safe.

There's still time to enter the giveaways on my blog...a couple are still open.  Click on the buttons in the sidebar to enter.

I hope you all have a great week and here's to hoping the storm won't be all that exciting after all :)

Relaxing Sunday

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  1. Stay safe in the storm, Yvonne! Hope you don't lose power.

  2. I hope you stay snug and safe from the storm!

    Too bad about the Fern Michaels sounded good from the blurb.

  3. Oh no, hope you all stay safe over there on the east coast.

  4. Hope you came through okay after the storm Yvonne! Take care!


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