Friday, August 6, 2021

Book Beginnings on Fridays/The Friday 56 - August 6th

This is a fun meme to do hosted by Freda's Voice. If you'd like to join on the fun go to The Friday 56.

*Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader.
*Find any sentence that grabs you.
*Post it.
*Link it here.

It's that simple.

I'm also joining in Book Beginnings on Friday. It's hosted by Rose City Reader

I just started this one.  The excerpts are from the E-ARC.

First Chapter


The dining table shimmered with candelight reflected in antique glassware; silver clinked gently while people ate their prime rib and chatted quietly in the enormous room.  Then the man at the head of the table stood to make a toast, and the twenty diners went silent.  "Thank you all for coming to this dinner honoring my late uncle Harold, or Harry, as we lovingly called him.  He would have so enjoyed this evening and this visit from all of you."

From 56% on my Kindle...

Had I not just committed to trusting no one?

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Actor Nora Blake finds her dream job when she is cast in a murder-mystery troupe that performs in an imposing but captivating old castle. When she stumbles upon a real murder, things take a nightmarish turn in this first book in an exciting new series.

Maybe it was too good to be true, but when Nora Blake accepted the job from Derek Corby, proprietor of Castle Dark, she could not see any downsides. She would sink her acting chops into the troupe's intricately staged murder-mystery shows, earn free room and board in the fairy tale-like castle, and make friends with her new roommates, which include some seriously adorable kittens.

But something sinister lurks behind the walls of Castle Dark. During Nora's second performance, one of her castmates plays the part of the victim a little too well. So well, in fact, that no one can revive him. He has been murdered. Not ready to give up her dream gig--or to be the next victim--Nora sets out to see which one of her fellow actors has taken the role of a murderous real-life villain.
What do you think?  What are you sharing today?


  1. I've seen this one around and it looks super intriguing. I like the beginning, it really sets the scene of elegance and opulence, with a hint of danger! I hope you enjoy it and that you have a great weekend :)
    Juli @ A Universe in Words

  2. Great excerpts and blurb, and I love that cover, too. Enjoy! Here's mine: “THE GUILT TRIP”

  3. Very intriguing 56, love it!! Happy weekend!

  4. I like the cover and the book sounds intriguing! Happy reading!

  5. I really enjoyed this one and hope you do as well! I can't wait to see where this series goes.

  6. Sounds like a good read. I love especially the 56 quote.


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