Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Review: Good Rich People by Eliza Jane Brazier (Blog Tour)


About the Book




Release Date
January 25, 2022

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Lyla has always believed that life is a game she is destined to win, but her husband, Graham, takes the game to dangerous levels. The wealthy couple invites self-made success stories to live in their guesthouse and then conspires to ruin their lives. After all, there is nothing worse than a bootstrapper.

Demi has always felt like the odds were stacked against her. At the end of her rope, she seizes a risky opportunity to take over another person’s life and unwittingly becomes the subject of the upstairs couple’s wicked entertainment. But Demi has been struggling all her life, and she’s not about to go down without a fight.

In a twist that neither woman sees coming, the game quickly devolves into chaos and rockets toward an explosive conclusion.

Because every good rich person knows: in money and in life, it’s winner take all. Even if you have to leave a few bodies behind.

My Review

This is more than a suspense book, it’s a wild ride.  It’s hard to keep track of the players without a score card.

Lyla and Graham are a wealthy married couple living near Graham’s domineering mother.  Graham and his mother are into games.  Dangerous games.  They are intent on renting out their guesthouse and destroying the lives of those who live there.  It's become a sport to them.  

Demi is their new tenant and she’s sure moving into Graham and Lyla’s guesthouse is the best thing that could happen to her.  Slowly, she starts to question everything she believes.

I don’t want to give too much away about this book and spoil it.  So, I won’t say more about the plot.  I have to admit, I found it difficult to like any of the characters in this book.  It’s hard to root for anyone when none of the characters are very nice.

The intensity level is high in this one.  Even though I didn’t particularly like any of the characters, I still couldn’t put the book down.  It was addictive.  I had to know how this would all end.  The author did a good job of keeping the reader interested from chapter to chapter.  

It is an odd, but intriguing book to say the least.

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FTC Disclosure: I voluntarily reviewed a free Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. You hate all the characters, but couldn't put the book down. Sounds like my kind of read.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. The characters do sound unlikeable, but it does sound like a hard to put down read.

  3. This sounds insane but like an interesting read. I can definitely see the characters not being likable but it does sound interesting and different.


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