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Review: Take My Husband by Ellen Meister (Blog Tour)


About the Book

Take My Husband 
Ellen Meister

On Sale Date: August 30, 2022

Trade Paperback
$16.99 USD
400 Pages


A witty, insightful domestic comedy about one woman's unexpected, thought-provoking journey out of her marriage as she realizes how much better off she would be if her husband had not survived a serious car crash.

When Laurel Appelbaum gets a call at work from the local hospital informing her that her unemployed husband Doug has been in a serious car accident, she is in shock. Summoned immediately to his bedside, she doesn't know in what condition she will find him. As she rushes to the ER, her mind is full of dire thoughts of this abrupt and unpredictbale end to her marriage...that is until she remembers the large life insurance policy they are carrying in his name.

Suddenly Laurel can't help but imagine what a life on her own might look like...a new little cottage perhaps, the dog she has always wanted but can't have because of Doug's allergies, and the money to travel to see their only son. By the time she arrives she is ready to assume the role of grieving widow, only to find Doug sitting on a gurney, annoyed that she has taken so long to come pick him up. All of the tiny assaults on her freedom and dignity that have chipped away at their marriage and her happiness over the years flood in. She realizes now that she is finally ready to journey out of her marriage because the life really at stake is her own. She just has to figure out how to do it.

My Review

Laurel Applebaum is stunned to get a call that her husband has been in a car accident.  She immediately jumps to the conclusion that the worst has happened.  On her way to the hospital, she starts to think that maybe it wouldn’t be so terrible if he didn’t survive the accident.  Maybe it’s her chance to finally rid herself of him.  

Obviously, Laurel’s marriage is far from perfect, at least in her eyes.  Her husband, Doug, is not a healthy man and quite demanding.  He’s lost his job and is always home.  When Laurel returns from her job at Trader Joe’s, he expects her to wait on him.  She’s had enough.  She’s not happy to find her husband is fine after the accident and she takes him home.

However, a plan starts to formulate in Laurel’s mind.  She’s going to make her dreams come true and get rid of her annoying husband.

What a crazy, twisty story this is!  Although Doug isn’t physically abusive, he is emotionally abusive, but a murder plan is extreme.  I couldn't accept that murder is the only way out.

Throughout this book I went back and forth about which characters to like and not like.  The pages went by quickly as Laurel continued with her plotting.  It’s a fast-pace read and I was captivated by this one.

I was totally engrossed right from the start. This is dark humor at its best.  The author does a great job of making the reader jump from one emotion to the next. It’s an intriguing suspense that kept my interest from page one to the end.

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Ellen Meister is the author of several novels including THE ROOFTOP PARTY, LOVE SOLD SEPARATELY, DOROTHY PARKER DRANK HERE; THE OTHER LIFE and others. Ellen is also an editor, book coach, ghostwriter, and frequent contributor to Long Island Woman Magazine. She teaches creative writing at Long Island University Hutton House Lectures and previously at Hofstra University. Her latest novel is TAKE MY HUSBAND. For more info visit


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  1. Sounds like a fun read. I laugh at the title.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  2. I'm not sure about this one. I could see loving it or it annoying me but I do love dark humor so I will have to give it a try!


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