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Review: Only the Good Die Young by Julie Mulhern


About the Book

Cozy Mystery


J&M Press

Release Date
September 29, 2023

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Frances Walford's daughter, Ellison Russell, has developed the truly deplorable habit of finding bodies. And Frances can't help but scold her about it.

But when Ellison goes to Europe, Frances finds a corpse of her own.

Can she help catch a killer and keep her involvement a secret?

This is a short novella told from Frances's point of view. Chronologically it falls between The Deep End and Guaranteed to Bleed.

My Review

It always bothered Frances Walford that her daughter, Ellison continually stumbles upon dead bodies.  Frances always lets her daughter know her feelings on the subject.  Then, the unthinkable happens.  Frances stumbles over a dead body herself and gets caught up in a possible murder investigation.

Not only does Frances want to find a killer, but she wants to keep her part of it a secret.  There’s no way she can admit to Ellison that she found a body too.

I love this series, but I’m way behind on it.  I have only read the first two books and, luckily for me, this is set right between them.  

It’s a humorous look at murder investigations through Frances Walford’s eyes.  Only the Good Die Young is a novella and a quick read.  Perfect for an afternoon break. This book brightened up my day.  It already has me wanting to get back to reading this series.  I have them on my TBR and need to catch up.   

Julie Mulhern never fails to disappoint me with her writing.  She always leaves me wanting to read more.  My only complaint is there aren't any others from Frances' POV or at least I haven't seen any.  I'll have to look for them.

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I borrowed this one from the Kobo Plus library.  I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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