Sunday, August 24, 2008

Death by Pantyhose by Laura Levine

Death by Pantyhose by Laura Levine

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Freelance writer Jaine Austen is once again unemployed and having a real bad day. Her ancient Toyota Corolla is stolen, her father is wanted by the police for stealing an old Hawaiian shirt, a potential employer calls her a liar and the only job prospect on her arisen is arrested for murder by pantyhose. The only thing Jaine can do is investigate the murder and not lose out on a job offer.

Jaine has more obstacles thrown in her path then she would care to admit. It all starts with her cat Prozac, who is jealous of Jaine’s one and only date. Then there’s the man himself, Andrew, who seems interested in her but his perfect size two colleague is not one of Jaine’s biggest fans and does all she can to sabotage their relationship.

When Dorcas Mackenzie offers her a job as her comedy writer, Jaine figures she can do that until something better comes along. After all, Dorcas was only paying $5 a joke, not enough to keep Prozac happily fed. However, if Dorcas goes to jail, Jaine wouldn’t even get the five bucks.

Jaine begins her investigation and, much to her dismay, there is a very long list of suspects. Many wanted Vic murdered and she was convinced the real killer had to be someone other than Dorcas. They all had a much stronger motive. When Jaine’s life is threatened, she knows she’s on the right track but will she be able to bring the killer to justice before she winds up dead too?

Laura Levine is a brilliant comedy writer. She has many television sitcoms in her long list of credits. The Jaine Austen series is a real treat to read. Each character jumps right off the page and comes to life right before your eyes. This is a fast-paced story which had me laughing out loud throughout the entire book. I was so sad to see the story come to an end. This is her 6th book in the series and it hasn’t lost a beat. The next book is Killing Bridezilla and it’s unknown if this writer will be able to hold out for the paperback. I may have no choice but to get this is hardcover.

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