Monday, August 18, 2008

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Paranormal

The earth has been taken over by beings from another world. These souls invade the human body, taking over their minds and leaving only their bodies intact.

Melanie Stryder is one of those humans, but she refuses to go down without a fight. As a new soul is placed into her body, Melanie continues to fight it off. She can’t let the soul win. Her entire family is at risk. She must find a way to return to her brother, Jamie, and the man she loves, Jared. Her fears mount as Melanie doesn’t know if she can trust the new soul in her body. Will it help her to save her loved ones or will it use her as a way of capturing them as well?

Melanie fills her new soul, named Wanderer, with visions of the love and happiness she feels for Jamie and Jared. It doesn’t take Wanderer long to adapt those feelings and have her own feelings of love for both of them, but she faces adversity at every step. The few humans that are still alive don’t trust her and would just as soon kill her as look at her, but can she convince Jamie and Jared that she’s not all bad?

Wanderer begins to fit in with some of the humans and is given the name Wanda. She finds a human of her own to love in Ian. The conflict increases with two women live in one body and love different men. Only one woman can survive and she can only have one man.

This is an interesting and intriguing story. Although the souls are the enemy, their reasons for invading earth aren’t completely evil. They do not believe in violence and feel humans possess those violent qualities. It is hard to argue with their quest for a happy, peaceful world, but seeing the humans torn apart from their families is devastating. Not all humans are violent.

It gives the reader much to think about. Nothing is completely black or white, there are always shades of grave throughout this book. It has a little bit of everything – romance, science fiction, paranormal, and adventure. I couldn’t put this book down.

Stephenie Meyer is a talented and creative author. I intend to read more of her books and am hopeful there will be a sequel to The Host. I’d love to re-visit these characters I grew to love.

Thanks to J. Kaye Book Blog for giving me the opportunity to review this.

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