Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yankee For Life By Bobby Murcer

Yankee for Life by Bobby Murcer

Genre: Biography

This book was written by Bobby Murcer shortly before he passed away. He takes us on his journey beginning with when he learned he had brain cancer and then taking us through his career as a New York Yankee. A team he always wanted to play for.

Murcer takes us through all of his high points, as well as the low points both personally and professionally. We experience his happy times and the disappointments he had along the way. I felt as if he was actually telling me the story in his own voice. There was humor to it, as well as some sadness. What a brave man he was and what a brave family supporting him.

The book is very well written and very poignant and sad, knowing that not long after the book was released, he passed away. For me, this was a fast-paced book and I finished in only a couple of days ( a record for me – I’m a slow reader).

If you are a Yankee fan, I recommend this book highly.

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