Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ellora's Cave Presents On Santa's Naughty List

Stories by Lacey Alexander, Shelby Reed and Melani Blazer

Genre: Erotica

From the back blurb:

These girls don't need coal in their stockings to set their red-hot lovers on fire...



Emily clams up when irrestible Simon mentions anything naughtier than the missionary position, until a college-friend-turned-sex-therapist offers some tantalizingly unconventional erotic instruction...just in time for the holidays.


Holiday Inn

When a freak snowstorm strands Anna and gorgeous, leather-clad biker Jesse together on Christmas Eve, the strangers turn a little of Santa's magic into an unforgettable night of passion.


When I Close My Eyes

Snowed into her vacation cabin, Kenna and Seth share an uncontrollable electric connection. But will the bizarre dreams that haunt them both make this sexy yuletide encounter their last...or is it only the beginning?

My thoughts...

This is the first Ellora's Cave book I've read and it was good - very hot! One story was hotter than the next. Although after reading "Unwrapped" I may never look at a candy cane in quite the same way again. LOL I will definitely be checking out more from this line of books.

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