Monday, December 1, 2008

Love’s Nine Lives by Cara Colter, Cassidy Caron

Silhouette Romance #1798, January 2006
Genre: Romance

Bridget Daisy gets the awful news from the veterinarian that her cat needs to be placed on a diet immediately. The big orange cat, Conan, is not too happy with this turn of events. The cat food actually says diet on the package! Does Miss Daisy really expect Conan to eat this stuff? Conan comes up with a plan of his own, he refuses to eat anything.

Bridget worries about her faithful companion. She’s sure he’s suffering from depression. She hires a contractor to build a cat door and fence for her furry friend. He’ll have the freedom to come and go as he pleases. That’s sure to make any cat happy.

Contractor Justin West can’t believe his eyes. Bridget Daisy submits a 12 page prospectus for a cat door! Is she crazy? It’s a cat door! When Justin comes face to face with the demure librarian, the big rugged guy can’t help but turn to mush. He’d not only build the door, but befriend her cat as well.

Just and Bridget’s story is a sweet romance, with a touch of humor and warmth. Part of the story is told from the cat’s point of view which had me rolling in laughter. It’s a cute book and I enjoyed every minute of it. Guaranteed to make the dreariest of days, a bit brighter.

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