Saturday, January 31, 2009

Familiar Double by Caroline Burnes

Harlequin Intrigue #729, October 2003
Genre: Romantic suspense

Fear Familiar is back for another fun adventure! I so love this sleek, black cat and his crazy antics. Most of the time he knows so much more than the humans in the book. LOL

This story finds Familiar in the role of a “stunt cat” on a movie set. When the beautiful stuntwoman, Nicole Paul, is accused of stealing an expensive piece of jewelry, Familiar is on the case. No way does he believe this sweet woman could do something so awful. He’s convinced she’s been framed and he intends to prove it. He lets Nicole’s boss, Jax McClure, share in the investigation. It doesn’t hurt to have a human involved, too.

Jealousies and old hatreds are flying high on this movie set. The last straw is when Nicole’s father is released from prison after serving a 20 year sentence for stealing an expensive and cursed diamond. When he hears that his daughter is now being accused of a similar crime, he’s sure it has to do with the false accusations that left him in a jail cell for all these years.

Nicole, her father, Jax and Familiar set out to find who is behind framing them. The stakes get higher when Nicole’s father is kidnapped. If they don’t crack this case, time could run out on her father’s life. With Familiar playing detective, and a bit of a matchmaker too, things are bound to work out.

This is a quick read that had my hysterical – especially when Familiar gets insulted at his treatment at a local restaurant. Familiar may not actually speak, but he gets his thoughts across  I love this series so much. I only have two books and a novella left in my TBR. I hope Burnes never stops writing these delightful books.

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I'm also giving it the Socrates' Book Reviews Great Book Alert


  1. wow, this does sound very good!
    I need to add this to my wish list.
    great review.

  2. Familiar is one of my favorite cats! He would also be a great addition to the Cat Sleuth Challenge.


    p.s. I love your Great book Alert listing. I've read one (and agree), have another on my TBR list (happy to see it here) and picked up a couple more to read (like I don't have enough of my own :p )


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