Saturday, January 17, 2009

Socrates' Great Book Alerts

I decided I wanted an easy way to keep track of the books I really felt were special in 2009. So, I'm going to give each book that sticks with me a "Socrates Great Book Alert" award. I'm going to keep track of them on the sidebar of my blog. Please keep in mind that these are just my opinions and other readers might not feel the same way. Sometimes I can just be in a strange mood and a book will strike a chord with me. We all react differently to books. It's purely a subjective thing, but we all know that :)


Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog! I always love reading comments and getting to know my readers!

After some careful consideration, I've decided to become an award-free blog. Although I appreciate and am honored by each and every award I've received, your comments and friendship are enough award for me. Thank you all so much for your thoughtfulness.

Due to way too many spam comments, I disabled the Anonymous User comments. We'll see if this works, otherwise I'll have to go back to word verification.