Saturday, October 17, 2009

92 Pacific Boulevard by Debbie Macomber

Genre: Romance

92 Pacific Boulevard is Debbie Macomber’s latest visit to Cedar Cove. All of our favorite characters are back with stories to be told.

This time we pay a visit to the home of Sheriff Troy Davis. The sheriff is still pining away for his beloved childhood sweetheart, Faith Beckwith. In a misguided attempt to protect his adult daughter, Troy broke up with Faith but he has regretted it ever since.

Faith now lives at 204 Rosewood Lane where she is renting Grace Harding’s home. When a series of break-ins occur, she seriously considers leaving Cedar Cove once and for all. These weren’t mere break-ins, they appeared to be personal and directed at her. Troy vows to protect the woman he loves, as well as win back her love. It doesn’t take long before he realizes the biggest mistake of his life was letting this beautiful woman out of his life.

We also get a chance to see how Mary Jo Wyse and her newborn baby, Nicole, is faring. Mack McAfee is still part of their life and he’d like nothing more than to make it permanent. Mary Jo’s fear that her daughter’s father, David Rhodes, will take the child forces her into a decision she never would have made.

Debbie Macomber brings back beloved characters and adds some new ones to this delightful series. I’m finally all caught up and now have to wait until September 2010 before I can read the next installment of these books. I’m never disappointed with the Cedar Cove books. They always make me smile.

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