Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heat Wave by Richard Castle

Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Mystery

New York real estate tycoon, Matthew Starr, plunges to his death during a Manhattan heat wave. The suspect list begins to rise, but each one comes equipped with an alibi. Police detective Nikki Heat isn’t buying any of them. Someone killed this man and she intends to find out who the culprit is.

Upon learning that Starr might not be the tycoon everyone thought, Heat stumbles on some very suspicious things, including the victim being in debt. The one thing holding back her investigation is journalist Jameson Rook. Rook has been assigned to follow Heat and her fellow police officers for research purposes. Heat resents his presence, but Rook is friends with the mayor leaving her no choice in the matter. She not only has to investigate the murder, but she has to protect Rook from getting hurt. When her own life is in jeopardy, all bets are off.

Based on the hit ABC TV series Castle, Richard Castle pens the first Nikki Heat book and it’s a good one. It’s a cute gimmick by ABC to have the lead character release an actual book that has been featured on the TV show. I did feel like I was watching an episode of the show as I read this. It’s a one sitting book. It’s fast-paced and has a great cast of characters.

Now, if I can just figure out who actually wrote the book…I’m wondering if it could be James Patterson. He’s been on the show and this is his type of book.


  1. I haven't read this yet but I was thinking James Patterson too... anyway, glad to hear it's good!

  2. I thought Richard Castle was a real person. I think I read somewhere the daughter in the show is modeled after his own daughter. We love the show, may have to get the book. It may be a gimmick but it's a darn clever one. Glad you liked it - that's a good reco to me.

  3. I wondered who wrote the book as well and planned to check it out. I like the show better and better.

  4. I would like to read this at some point. I just love the show.

  5. I have this book on my nightstand and plan to read it this weekend. I'm a big fan of the show.

  6. I'm loving the show and the first time I saw the book commercial I thought it was fake. Until I saw it in the bookstore!

    I wasn't sure about getting it, glad to hear you liked it.

    The last episode I watched said "three book deal". Did you catch that? I'm sure it was just to stretch out the show but....

  7. I'm curious too! It is a great show and the two of them are perfect. Good review!

  8. I love this show and have the book at the top of my TBR pile.

  9. Jenny - It's cute and a quick read.

    Kaye - The author picture on the book jacket is Nathan Fillon (the actor who plays Richard Castle). There might be a real Richard Castle, but I don't think it's his real name. Anyway, I think the book was really good.

    It's great to see how many people like this show. I haven't watched this week's episode yet, but it looks like another good one.

    Book Dragon - Yes, I heard about the three book deal and I'm wondering if they will really release 3 more books. I hope so.

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  11. I have every book that James Patterson has ever written and though I wanted it to be another one of his, it is not. Very different style of writing.

    Still a great book, read it in one sitting!

  12. I absolutely LOVE Castle. The Heat novel was so-so, enjoy Cross much more. The last two episodes of Castle had Patterson ALL over it and I loved it. I was shocked when the Feebie agent referred to herself as slaying dragons!! Straight out of Cross!!

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