Sunday, October 18, 2009

Musing Mondays - 24 Hour Read-a-thon

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about the read-a-thon…

Are you planning on participating in the upcoming 24 Hour Read-a-thon (either as a reader or cheerleader)? Have you made any preparations for the event? And, veterans out there, any tips you’d like to share with the newbies?

My answer...

Nope. I have no plans for it. I don't think it's for me. I just don't have the time to devote 24 hours, plus I'm planning a vacation for the end of the month. I think I took on too many reading challenges as it is. I'm not committing myself to anything else at the moment, but I do wish all the participants the best of luck!

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  1. I am not participating either, Yvonne. If I can, I'll probably follow some of the progress and cheer people on, but we'll see.

  2. cat pictures and saying crack me up...LOL Thanks

  3. nope, not me either. I love reading, but I need my rest! ;-)

  4. I totally wish I could, but with 3 little boys in this house it just isn't possible

  5. I am in but I don't let the pressure get to me. I read, sleep, go out, come back, read more and so on.

    Mondays: Musings/Mailbox Bonanza/Whereabouts

  6. Stop by to check it out if you get a chance!


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