Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Salon - Wrapping up 2011 and Happy New Year!

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Another year is gone, it goes so fast, doesn't it? Well, here is my wrap up for 2011...

Total number of books read: 98 (Darn, I missed 100 by just 2!)

Audio Books: 23
EBooks: 65
Paper Books: 10

Looking at the above numbers, it looks like I'm almost completely changed over to ebooks and I'm very happy with that :)

Socrates Great Book Alert - 24 (These are books that I rated 5 kitties and loved. These are books that I really felt emotional about in one way or another. To view my complete list, click here.

My first book of 2011 was Go Small or Go Home by Heather Wardell, you can check out my review here My first book of the year was a 5 kitty review with a Socrates Great Book Alert award.

My last book of 2011 was Needled to Death by Maggie Sefton. Very fitting that I ended the year with my favorite genre - cozy mysteries. You can check out my review here.

52 of the books were for reviews.

Reading Challenges:

Reading Challenges I joined in 2011: 14
Reading Challenges I hosted in 2011: 6
Completed Reading Challenges: 6
Completed Reading Challenges that I host: 4
Incomplete Challenges:  8
Incomplete Challenges that I host:  2

As for next year...

2012 reading challenges

I joined 17 reading challenges
I'm hosting 3 reading challenges (and will have a fourth when the animal reading challenge ends in February and re-starts in March)

My 2012 reading in general...

I'm going to try and mix review books with books I read for pure enjoyment a little more. I'm going to have to limit the amount of books I accept for review until I get caught up a bit. I'm going to limit it to books that are in one of the genres I read (cozy mysteries, suspense/thrillers and romance) and blog tours that I agree to. I just know that I have to do more reading for enjoyment than I've been doing.

I'm once again going to try and read 100 books (and I'm still bummed out that I only missed it by 2 books.)

A personal reading challenge - I want to start reading some series that I've been looking at for of which is to read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. While I would have loved to join some of the Outlander reading challenges, I figure I should concentrate on at least reading the first book. So, that's on my list this year. I also want to read at least the first book in Sue Grafton's series. I've heard so many good things about her alphabet series and I already have "A" on my Nook.

That's the extent of my "New Year's Reading Resolutions"...I don't really make many to begin with.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe 2012! I hope everyone has the best year yet!

Miscellaneous New Year Comments

Magickal Graphics

Miscellaneous New Year Comments

Magickal Graphics


  1. You had a great reading year in 2011...98 books is awesome, though I can understand being disappointed in missing your goal by only 2. I didn't have a goal for 2011, and I can guarantee you that my goal for 2012 will be nowhere near 100. I can only read on my lunch hour and after work on the weekdays and on the weekends, so I don't think there is any way I can read 100 books next year. I'm still debating about how many books will be my goal.

    Best wishes for a fantastic 2012 and I look forward to reading with you in your challenges!

  2. Happy New Year! May there always be good books in your mailbox and at your door!

  3. From what I've been reading on blogs, a lot of people are doing what you are doing in 2012 - accepting less for review and reading for pleasure. I plan to do the same while trying to get some of my shelves cleaned off and my e readers cleaned out. Have fun with all your challenges and have a wonderful year ahead!

  4. Great post! I loved Outlander and want to read more of the series.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!

  5. Great reading year for you! Hope 2012 is even greater. I hope you get to Outlander as it is my all time favorite book. I finally got my daughter (27) to read it and she is hooked.

  6. (17 Challenges for 2012??) Good Luck!

    Yvonne, Wishing you and everyone close to you, good health and happiness in the New Year. I am so happy i discovered your blog when I did.

  7. Happy New Year to you.

    I do wonder if what my e-book/paperback ratio will be like this time next year.

    I have just taken charge of a kindle and it is getting a nice little library already


  8. Alex and I just want to wish you a very happy & healthy new year. May it be filled with only good things. You deserve it!

  9. Happy New Year! I hope it brings you all you want.

  10. Happy New Year to you! :-) Hope you find lots of great books to read in the new year!


  11. Happy New Year! Let's all hope for great new books!!!


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