Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Larceny and Lace by Annette Blair

Cozy Mystery

Berkley Prime Crime Mystery

Release Date:
August 2009


Madeira Cutler is finally leaving her life and job in New York behind as she moves to her family hometown in Mystic, Connecticut. Maddie has huge plans which includes opening a vintage clothing store in a renovated morgue. The building needs much work, but Maddie is determined to have it completed by opening day. Unfortunately, an obstacle gets tossed in her way when an intruder breaks in and old bones are discovered in one of the morgue drawers.

Meanwhile, the building next door goes up in flames along with its owner. The police and Maddie begin to thing the two incidents are connected. Maddie and her best friend, Eve, decide to do some investigating on their own. They don’t want anything to get in the way of the store’s grand opening, which increases their desperation to uncover the truth.

Annette Blair gives her readers a great cast of characters in this second book of her “A Vintage Magic Mystery” series. Maddie is developing into a wonderful heroine, complete with supernatural powers – she touches vintage clothing and it opens the doorway for her to see directly into the past.

The rest of the cast vary in quirky to loveable to a few that aren’t quite so nice, including two men vying for Maddie’s attention. Toss in the morgue’s resident ghost and Maddie has her hands full. This is a fast-paced book which has readers going in a couple of different directions. The third book is already in my TBR waiting for me.

FTC Disclosure: I read this book from my own collection for my own enjoyment.

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  1. I've read Annette Blair before and enjoyed it. This one sounds cute.


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