Saturday, January 22, 2011

Anything Goes on Saturday - Getting Rid of Books

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My topic for this week is ...what to do with older books.

Last week Literary Feline at Musing of a Bookish Kitty discussed getting rid of books from our TBRs. I'm going to be doing that soon, too, if I can motivate myself :)

Anyway, I have a huge amount of books - literally over 10,000. Now that I have an ereader, I only want to read on my Nook so I want to get rid of all my old books and get my guest room back (the guest room is currently housing the 10,000+ books). My dilemma is what do I do with my old books?

I do have a used bookstore near me, but they don't take old romances (which most of mine are) and, besides, I don't want anything in return. The same with Bookmooch or Paperback Swap...if I put books there, I'd get something back and that would defeat the purpose. I just want to get rid of everything. It would take forever to sell them on EBay and a pain in the neck to package and send out.

So, what do I do? I can take some to the library, but are there other places that accept books? Old romances, as well as other genres. Any suggestions? I'd kind of like to spread the wealth :)

My husband thinks they should just be thrown out, but it's against my religion to do that :)

Have you ever donated books? Where do you donate them to? Inquiring minds want to know :)


  1. And I thought I had a lot of books! My spare bedroom aka TBR room is beginning to look like an actual bedroom again. It's such a relief in a way. I love being surrounded by books, but I'd really like to try and get my collection down to the point where it fits on the shelves and isn't overflowing all over, you know? Plus, with the move coming up, I'd rather not have to move all those books.

    Some ideas of places you can donate besides your local library would be a second hand charity shop if you have one near you--like Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Prisons can always use books and sometimes convalescent homes will take them.

    Good luck with finding a home for the books you will be parting with!

  2. I have donated to the library before. I know around where I live there is a drop box for books (like they have for clothes) that a charity picks up. I like Literary Feline's idea of convalescent home or something like that - I hadn't thought of it. I may now have to consider bringing mine to the community my grandmother lives at. That is a lot of books - you will probably have to split them between a few places!

  3. Yvonne, bring some to a local nursing home or senior center. This are always welcome there.

  4. I donate to various charity shops.
    I took some to the hospital last week.
    I pass on to friends too.


  5. I always donate my books that I can't sell on eBay or that I don't want to trade to the book drive at my work. I work at a Y, and one of the branches of my association has a book fair every summer to raise money for our literacy programs. I bet there is some charitable organization near you that does something similar.

  6. How about your local high school (or are they too racy for high school?) Invite friends over to see if they want any of them. Your local hospital might have a use for them.
    Goodwill stores will take them.

  7. Sounds like you could open your own bookstore! "Little Book Store On The Corner" Just sayin'.

  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. These are a great place for me to start. I can give each place a box or two :)

    Gigi Ann - If I thought I could make a real salary from it, I would do it in a heartbeat. LOL

  9. I donate some books to our local hospital. Some patients are a well enough to read and it takes there mind off their problems. It also gives their families something to do while they are in the waiting rooms.

  10. Hospitals are a great idea, too. I have 4 hospitals in my area that I can take them to. Thanks for the idea.

  11. Wow, so many books! And so very generous of you to share them with others. I could never throw them away either and there are other people that will be able to use them.

    There are so many great ideas already. Some of mine have already been mentioned - charity (Good Will etc.), local fund raisers (schools, churches, library), assisted living centers, nursing homes, hospitals, doctor's offices and waiting rooms, Ronald McDonald Houses or other long term housing, college students, mother's groups... Since we all love books so much it seems that everyone should and it would be easy to find homes for them. I hope that's not easier said than done! :) Good luck!

  12. wow, you've got a ton of books!
    I have donated my books to the library as well. What about hospitals or nursing homes?

  13. Our local library collects books all year long for their spring and fall sales. It's one of the ways they raise money for new materials.
    Especially now with the economy, libraries need more funds.

  14. I used to have a library of over 4,000 books. I donated about 33 boxes of books to my local library's used bookstore. They sell the books and then the money goes to buy more books for the library. I felt really good about making the donation!


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