Friday, January 7, 2011

Dewey Nines Lives: The Legacy of the Small-Town Cat Who Inspired Millions by Vicki Myron

Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Dutton Adult
Release Date: October 2010
Format: EBook

Last year I heard all about Dewey the Library Cat and everyone said I had to read the book about this amazing cat. Being the cat lover that I am, I did read it and loved the book, although it had a sad ending. Now, Vicki Myron is back with the sequel Dewey’s Nine Lives. I hadn’t read up what the book was about. I just thought it was a sequel with more Dewey antics. I was wrong. Although are some moments that refer to Dewey throughout the book, this is a collection of stories of nine cats and the humans they owned. The humans have all been touched by Dewey’s story, but they each have their own story to tell.

Each story is heartwarming and grabs your emotions. Readers will be laughing and crying throughout the entire book. I know I was. Each story is carefully crafted so reders can truly feel what each cat and their person went through. Anyone who is a cat lover has crazy cat stories to share, some more entertaining than others. Some happier than others.

It’s extremely hard for me to read anything sad as far as animals go. Since animals don’t have the long lifespan that humans have, each story ended sadly. It tore me to pieces to read them. I know they were inspirational stories, but for me I kept thinking of my own fur babies. I just wanted to hug each of my three babies and read something happy.

This is a great book and very well written. It just depressed me too much. I think I could identify too much with the cat parents.

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  1. I read this about 1.5 years ago and I really liked it also-great review

  2. I know that sad depressing feeling when reading stories about pets. I hope my library gets a copy of this book, I so want to read it.

    Did you read Helen Brown's book, Cleo, the Cat. Cleo lived to be 23 and a half years old. I really enjoyed that book too.

  3. I don't know, this book seems made only to sell book of the Dewey fame..still if you like it then it sounds good :)

  4. We read this too and liked it. Here's a link to our review if you are interested:

    We're adding you to our blogroll!

  5. Blodeuedd - I did have that thought too. It really wasn't about Dewey and, like I said in my review, I really thought it was going to be more about Dewey's antics. Instead it was about people who never even met Dewey.

    Karen - Thank you! I'm now following you.

  6. I've heard good things about this one. I love cats but can't own any because I am very allergic.


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