Thursday, January 6, 2011

Booking through Thursday - Resolutions

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This week's question...

Any New Year’s reading resolutions?

My answer...

Yes and no. I have reading goals, not really resolutions. I'm hoping to read more books than I did last year.

A couple of my goals are already shot...I didn't intend to join so many reading challenges or accept so many reviews, but I did. I guess I'm just addicted to reading.

Maybe one resolution for me is to not let my reading stress me if I don't complete a challenge or take forever in reviewing. This is supposed to be a, my way to unwind. Instead, I started to make it into a chore. So, I guess that could be a resolution - to not take this all too seriously.

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  1. No resolutions, but like you I have a goal.

  2. Our answers were almost exactly the same. Mine is just a little more long-winded! Happy New Year and happy reading in 2011!

  3. I agree. Reading should be enjoyable not stressful.

  4. Agreed. Don't make reading - something that is wonderful and fun - into a chore.

    BTW ... I also have 3 cats and am a cat fanatic ... so I love your blog :)

  5. Here's mine

  6. You are right it is not a chore. I also want to read more books that I did last year :)

  7. I'm definitely taking a more relaxed approach to reading too. Reading is for fun and we shouldn't stress about it one way or the other.


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