Thursday, January 27, 2011

Booking through Thursday - Heavy, Thick Books

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This week's question...

What’s the largest, thickest, heaviest book you ever read? Was it because you had to? For pleasure? For school?

My answer...

I can't remember what I read in school, but more recently - in the past couple of years - I'd have to give Stephenie Meyer the award for thickest books I've read...The Host and Twilight, both were for pleasure.


  1. I read The Host a couple of years ago and really enjoyed. Waiting on the sequel.

  2. I have not read the twilight books.

    Here is my BTT: Heavy Books post!

  3. I enjoyed both books. Here is my answer to this week's Booking Through Thursday.

  4. I didn't like Twilight so didn't read any farther in the series.

    I think my longest was The Count of Monte Cristo, but I loved it!

  5. I've not read either of these books but I agree they are big!

  6. Read those too. Mine are Les Miserables and House Divided (read for pleasure). I am currently attempting War and Peace. Love those chunksters.


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