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Book Blogger Hop - January 14th -17th

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The blog hop is hosted by Jennifer at Crazy-for-Books

This week's question comes from Barb who blogs at Sugarbeat's Books:

"Why do you read the genre that you do? What draws you to it?"

My answer...

I have a couple of favorite genres that I read...

Mysteries - I love trying to solve puzzles so I enjoy the intrigue of a mystery. I like to work alongside the person doing the investigation and trying to decipher the clues. My favorites would be the type where the reader isn't told who did it, but sometimes I've even enjoyed those.

Romances - Sometimes I just like the "feel good" feeling you get from a romance. They make me happy and help when I've had a stressful week. Although, I must admit, there are times when I wonder why the hero and heroine even like each other, let alone love each other. LOL

Women's Fiction - Then there are the times when I want a real life situation - something I can identify or that I know can really happen.

Paranormal - Then there are the times I want a complete escape from reality and the paranormals will do that for you. Can't say I ever met a vampire or shapeshifter in real life. They are fun and with paranormals, the author can really do anything they want since it's all an unknown world.

So, how about you?


  1. I like cozy mysteries, I know many like James Patterson, but, just recently I read "Don't Blink," and it was to full of gore, and murders, for my taste. I like light romance, not to hot and steamy, just a bit of romance. I hate the so called romance books where all they do is jump in and out of bed, with each other or everyone they meet. Not my taste either. I say, I had five children, I know how it works. hee, hee. I guess you could say, I'm more for the Cinderella type of romance. Do some nice courting before jumping into bed.

  2. Cozy Mysteries -great when you need a pick up and I hate too much gore which you just don't have in a cozy.

    Suspense and Thrillers-I try to overlook the gore and enjoy the page turning.

    Historical fiction-I love learning more about the time period and the place.

    Women's book- I love to learn about
    women's friendships, women facing and conquering a disease, women investigators.

  3. Yvonne, I am here from the Hop! I enjoyed reading about why you choose particular genres.

  4. Here I am hopping on by...

    I went all over the map with this question on my blog. I read and enjoy almost every genre of fiction out there. There’s no way I could just pick one.

    So I talked about all of them. Even romance fiction (sort of)! I invite you to hop over to my blog at and see for yourself.

    Howard A. Sherman

  5. Hopping through! I'm completely addicted to reading romance and paranormal. You can find my HOP answer and FEVERfest recap at The Bookish Snob

  6. Hopping around for a wonderful evening of chit chat.

    I do indeed like all kinds of genres. I pick up whatever my mood thinks it will like. I've been known to hate a book and then read it later and love it because of mood or timing. Not sure but so the story goes!

    Black Disaster Fairy
    A World of Personality

  7. My reading is all over the place. I read such a wide variety of books and am interested in such a wide variety of books that I am one of those readers that is hard to classify.

  8. bout authors? John Connelly, Jonathan Maberry, Rachel Caine, Julie Kagawa, Suzanne McLeod, the list goes on...

    New follower! Stop by and say hi if you get a chance!


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