Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Salon - It's always snowing!

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Seems like everyday there is a "chance of snow" in the weather forecast. It's only pretty when you don't have to drive in it, but when you have to drive and the roads are icy...well, it's best to stay home if you can. Of course that's not always possible when you work.

Anyway, I'm doing fairly well in the reading department this week...

I finished and wrote reviews for:

Go Small or Go Home by Heather Wardell
Bloated Goat by Manley Peterson
Club Dead by Charlaine Harris
Dewey Nine Lives by Vicki Myron

Go Small or Go Home and Club Dead I began at the end of 2010 so neither one counts towards any reading challenge, but I do count them towards the amount of books I read in 2011. I don't know how the rest of you do it, but I count the book in the totals of whatever year (or month) I finish it.

This week I started reading How Sweet It Is by Sophie Gunn. It's the first actual print book I've read in a long time since becoming almost completely an ereader. It's weird holding a real book now. LOL The book is cute, so far. It's a romance. I will be having a giveaway for this book starting January 24th and ending on February 4th when we'll be part of the blog tour for this author. What I read next will depend on how far I get with How Sweet It Is.

I couldn't resist posting this kitty video. How cute is this? The black and white one looks a little like my cat, Cookie.

Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. We keep getting that "chance of snow" also. Last night they were saying we could get quite a bit today, but it's not doing anything at the moment. I can't wait to hear the latest update.

    I hope to buy my ereader next weekend. I can't wait!

    Have a great week!

  2. it does seem like its always snowing!
    enjoy your sunday :) cute cats!

  3. Awwwww, how cute :D

    So, strange holding a print books, I wonder what that feels like. perhaps i will know one day

  4. Here on the Texas Gulf Coast, we even have a "chance of snow" forecast. Though they changed their mind later and said it would be cold but no snow. We were disappointed.

    I'm happy you are loving your ereader!

    Here's my Sunday Salon:

  5. Those cats look so comfy! The one being licked looks blissful....

    I've only recently started using an e-reader (Kindle for Christmas!), and I like it, but I'm not completely accustomed to it yet.

    Here's my salon post:

    (click my name)

  6. Well we definitely got more than a chance of snow here - about 2 feet of it. lol.

    I love the kitty video how cute. I hope you enjoy your Sunday.

  7. We've also had snow, but loving it. I LOVED that video:)

  8. You have gotten a lot of snow this winter!

    Those cats are so sweet!!


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