Monday, October 10, 2011

Classified as Murder by Miranda James

Cozy Mystery

EBook (available as paperback)


Release Date:
May 2011

Charlie Harris once again finds himself in the middle of a murder in the second book of the Cat in the Stacks Mystery series. The retired, part-time librarian is asked to catalogue a rare book collection by a local eccentric millionaire, James Delacorte. Delacorte is a kindly older man who allows a vast array of crazy family members to live with him, but he fears one of them is stealing from his rare book collection. He hires Charlie in hopes that he will discover who, if anyone, is behind the missing treasures.

Along with his Maine Coon cat Diesel, Charlie faithfully arrives each day to do his job. Charlie discovers Delacorte dead and wonders if one of the Delacortes is not only a thief but a murderer as well. The local police enlist Charlie and Diesel’s help in getting to the bottom of this mystery. When another dead body shows up, Charlie is sure one of the Delacortes is a cold blooded killer, but which one?

Being the second book in the series we get to learn a bit more about Charlie (and Diesel!). We learn about the dynamics of Charlie’s relationship with his estranged son, Sean, as well. This is the perfect book for a reader to delve into and forget their own stressful lives for a few hours. It’s fast-paced with a wonderful cast of characters and a storyline that will point you in several different directions. This series has the feel of an Agatha Christie book. A good old fashioned murder mystery. Besides, any mystery that has a cat assisting in solving the mystery has to be a good one!

FTC Disclosure: I read this book from my own collection for my own enjoyment.


  1. Sounds like a good series, and I kind of like that the main character is a man. So many cozies center around women sleuths.

  2. I have started to wonder...does a cozy mystery always have cats in it?

  3. Definitely sounds like a book (or series of books) that I'd enjoy :)

  4. LOL - No, cozies don't all have cats in them. But the ones I read usually do :)


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