Friday, October 21, 2011

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun - Week 33
This is a fun meme and it's hosted by Hilary at Feeling Beachie. Check out her lovely blog, if you'd like to participate.

This week’s statements

1. I am afraid of bugs - any kind of bugs, I don't discriminate!

2. My bedroom is my favorite room of my house (everything is here - our TV, my computer)

3. The last time I went to the bookstore I couldn’t stop writing down all the books I wanted.

4. I got my first couples massage when I was in Mexico last year.

funny pictures - Better apologize!
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  1. I'm not afraid of bugs too much, but I hate them period and they aren't around for long after I spot one.

    Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun with Feeling Beachie

  2. I really am not afraid of bugs but am not a huge fan of them if they are not where they should be---OUTSIDE! And I am with you on the bookstore. One time I went to Barnes and Noble, had my Kindle and ordered a book right then and there on my Kindle through Amazon.....that was kind of wrong, wasn't it???? Great to stop by via Hilary!!!

  3. Bugs.... big bugs..little bugs...they are just here trying to help the planet... besides, the cats love to play with them :)

  4. I like all your cat pictures! I always get annoyed when I can't decide on which book I want to buy at the bookstore. : )

  5. Ahh, I love the kitty picture!
    I love the bug comment, I don't discriminate either - but spiders and fire ants - eeek!

  6. Bugs don't really bother me, but slugs... ugh

  7. I love the LOL Cats! Grizelda is very protective of Chloe, who takes advantage of it!


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