Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday/Monday Posts - February 22nd and 23rd

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Happy Sunday and Monday Everyone!

Our weekend started out nice with temps close to 50 degrees.  Any snow that's still left on the ground is just dirty, messy stuff.  Rumor has it that we will get more snow next week, but I'm just ignoring those forecasts for now :)

I finished reading the 11th book in Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove series and I just have one more left.  I've been wanting to read this one for a couple of years now, so this is an accomplishment that I was able to squeeze it in between review books.  This is thanks to Lori's "Just For Fun" Reading Challenge.  I actually managed to squeeze in a book for both January and February for this challenge.  I'm very proud of myself since it's been a long time since I read a book for my own enjoyment. 

I decided to stop updating my cozy mystery blog.  Since I post everything on this blog anyway and this is my main blog, the cozy blog was just a duplicate of the cozy stuff.  It was getting to be too much to post the cozy stuff on both blogs.  Like I said, this is my main one so there's really no need for the other one.  I have to save time wherever I can find it!

I had one blog tour this week and posted a couple of reviews.  I don't have any blog tours scheduled until the beginning of March, which is right around the corner.

I hope you all have a great week and read many great books!


Blog Tours/Spotlights/Reviews/Giveaways 
I Hosted

Blog Tours/Hops Coming Up Next Week

Nothing next week, but the first half of March will be a busy one with new Berkley cozy mystery releases.

I finished reading...

I'm currently reading...

These are the books I hope to read for the rest of February, but I'm pretty sure I'll be carrying them over into March...

What was your week like? What are you reading this week?


  1. I am ignoring those forecasts, too! They scare me! I am not a winter person at all.

  2. I am hoping to cut down on review books and concentrate more on my own shelves. I always join a Mt. TBR Challenge, and that helps some.

    Enjoy your reading, and I need to catch up on the Cedar Cove books.


  3. I'll be reading Pearls and Poison this week too. Enjoy!!

  4. YAY for reading for fun! I like Lori's Just For Fun challenge; I've been doing it for several years and it helps.

    I do NOT want more snow. We've been in the 40s and 50s the past few days and we still have 2 feet of snow on the ground. But, the icicles are gone! :D

    Some day, I'm coming to your house and raiding your library. You have been warned. :P

    Happy reading :)

  5. Nice books that you're reading now and great accomplishments in getting to some of the books you've been wanting to read forever. It gives me hope that I can do the same :-)

    My weekly recap:

  6. I do get that..two blogs, and still cozy stuff here

  7. I love Debbie's series, enjoy and have a wonderful week!

  8. Hopefully we won't be seeing much more snow but I'm not holding my breath. 50 degrees sounds downright balmy right about now. :)

    The Cat in the Window sounds like a nice book and a great gift idea too for cat lovers. Will have to keep that one in mind...

  9. Happy Sunday :) Yes, the snow seems to be melting, but supposedly more is on the way. I'm ready for Spring already. I haven't read Debbie Macomber, but have heard good things. Happy reading!

  10. Uck, it's gross when the snow is melting and gets all mushy. Have a great week and hope you don't get anymore snow.

  11. We enjoyed a couple of days of warmer weather too, but the cold is back and more snow is expected. Have a great week of reading.

  12. Must read the Cedar Cove books, so many books piling up, which is great because I never want to run out!

  13. Our forecast is for cold, cold, and more cold. They are also predicting more snow for tonight but just enough to make driving bad tomorrow morning. It must feel good to finish a series of books. Have a great reading week!

  14. We had beautiful warm weather for the weekend, but now it's cool again and we could get a little snow tonight. Kind of amazing!

    I hope you have a great reading week.

  15. I need to try the Sunday Post meme one of these Sundays! Yvonne, enjoy your reading this week. Hopefully, you won't get any more snow--enough is enough!

  16. True, since becoming a book blogger/reviewer, I haven't really read a book 'just for me' though it also kind of sharpens my focus to have review books. Enjoy your books and hope you can squeeze in some time to read.

    My Sunday post is here


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