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Review: The Shamrock Case by Linda Weaver Clarke



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June 2014

Amelia Moore is back with a brand new case for the Moore Detective Agency. Amelia’s heart breaks for Kate, a teenager who just learns that she had been adopted. Although the young woman loves her adoptive parents, she wants to find out more about her heritage and if she has any relatives. All she knows is that her parents left Ireland suddenly, moved to America and were never heard from again. Kate wants to know what happened and where she came from.

The search takes Amelia to Ireland but she’s not alone. She calls her partner, Rick Bonito to assist her on this case. Their investigation leads them on a voyage to Ireland where they uncover family secrets and face a few dangerous situations along the way. Their only mission is to bring Kate all the answers she so strongly desires.

There's also a secondary romantic story between our hero and heroine. The couple gets closer and closer as they travel through Ireland. Amelia and Rick have the makings of being a lasting couple that readers will adore and root for. 

Linda Weaver Clarke writes sweet romances and mysteries. This story and series is a combination of both. There is no gore, violence or sex in these books. It isn’t about finding out “whodunit” as there are no murders, it’s a journey to unravel a mystery and give some peace of mind to good people. It's a nice and interesting change of pace for me. 

The author paints a vivid picture of the beauty of Ireland. It’s like being on a tour. I feel as if I just returned from a trip to Ireland myself. I could easily see the greenery and magnificence of the country. With each book, Clarke introduces us to another exotic location.  She definitely does her homework before she writes about these places.  The last book was set in Bali and her descriptions were perfect.  Her description of Ireland was no different.  Clarke knows both her characters and locations well and it shines through each word she writes.

The Shamrock Case moves along quickly. It goes by way too fast and I’m already missing the characters. The next book is going to take us to Mexico and I can’t wait. 

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FTC Disclosure: The author provided me with a copy of this book to review. This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I love that this takes place in Ireland. This sounds right up my alley. I will definitely have to look for it and I probably would have passed it over just because of the cover. Thanks for sharing!


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