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Review: To Kill A Mocking Girl by Harper Kincaid


About the Book

Cozy Mystery


Crooked Lane Books

Release Date
May 12, 2020

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Bookbinder Quinn finds herself in trouble when her ex's fiance turns up dead and if she's not careful, her days might be numbered.

Quinn Victoria Caine is back in her quirky town of Vienna, Virginia, starting her new life as a bookbinder in her family-owned, charm-for-days bookshop, Prose & Scones. With her trusty German Shephard RBG-'Ruff Barker' Ginsburg by her side, what can go wrong? Okay, sure, bumping into her ex, Scott, or her former high school nemesis, Tricia, is a drag. It certainly doesn't help they have acquired the new hobby of shoving their recent engagement in her face every chance they get. But that doesn't mean Quinn wanted to find Tricia dead in the road. So why does half the town think she may have done it?

Quinn is determined to find Tricia's killer, even if it means partnering with her cousin-turned-nun, Sister Daria, and Detective Aiden Harrington, her older brother's too-movie-star-handsome-for-his-own good, best friend. They believe she's innocent, but of course that doesn't influence the police, who peg her as their prime suspect. Or, at least until she's poisoned.

But there is no way Quinn is going to stop now. Vienna is her town and-for better or worse-Tricia was one of their own. Someone may have killed the mocking girl, but no one's going to stop the notorious QVC.

My Review

After spending three years teaching English in other countries, Quinn Caine returns to her hometown of Vienna, Virginia.  She decides to work at her parents’ bookshop Prose & Scones.  Quinn is a bookbinder and is thrilled to be back home.  She’s not alone, though.  She brings her beautiful German Shephard (RBG - “Ruff Barker’ Ginsburg) with her.

Quinn connects with old friends - renewing some good relationships and some not so good relationships.  One of the first people she meets up with is a high school enemy, Tricia Pemberley.  Tricia’s fiancĂ© happens to be Quinn’s ex-fiancĂ©.  Tricia is more than delighted to taunt Quinn with her engagement.  Not that Quinn cares since she's over her ex anyway.

Then, tragedy strikes.  Quinn and her faithful companion, RBG, are shocked to discover Tricia’s dead body on the road.  Everyone, except Quinn’s family, thinks she killed Tricia in a jealous rage.  Quinn is determined to prove her innocence.  With the help of her cousin, Sister Daria, who is now on her way to becoming a nun, she sets out to find a killer.

This is the first book in the Bookbinding Mystery series and it’s off to a solid start.  It did take me a little time to warm up to the characters, but it didn’t take too long.  The mystery is an intriguing jigsaw puzzle.  I enjoyed trying to figure it out.  The author sends you in a few different directions in the quest for the truth.

Quinn is an interesting character, but I admit I found her cousin to be even more interesting.  Sister Daria is fun and their rapport really adds to the humor of the story.  Another aspect I liked is Quinn’s closeness to her parents and brother.  The support of her family is really sweet.

There are hints at a possible romance that I’m guessing will carry over to the next book.  While the main mystery is solved within the pages of this book, there are personal issues for some of the characters that will probably be a continuing thread through the series.  I’m anxious to see where it all leads.

I already started book #2 and it’s looking to be a good one, too.  

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FTC Disclosure: I voluntarily reviewed a free Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I love bookish cozies and I have this on my TBR. It looks the start of a great series.


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